Peace be with you.

I stand upon the shore
and stare as the sun sets,
as blue deepens to black,
the darkness dissolving
the line of water and sky
until both surround me.

And what have I to offer you?
No platitudes. No cheap refrains.
Just another living body-
my hands, my lungs, my tired mind,
my heart-that I would give to you
if only my arms were longer.

Instead I stand upon the shore,
with ocean before and above-
I am present in the darkness.
I cast my voice across the sea
into unrelenting chaos,
though it may be drowned by the waves.

I send what hope I have,
that the whisper of it
may reach across the miles-
Peace. Peace. Peace be with you.
Look up, and you will see-
the stars break through the night.
They stand with you also.
It is difficult to be away from those we love when they are hurting.
My thoughts and my prayers are with the community at ACU.
May God grant you peace.


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