I know what this winter needs: more AC

They sent around an email at work this morning.

The University has some work to do on the air conditioning unit today. Unfortunately, this means that the AC will not run at all today.


Were we planning to run the AC?

It is literally 43 degrees outside. Granted, I’m not a meteorologist, but I have frequently heard that referred to as cold. (At least here in the South).

Now, I realize that this is Texas. We have a deep and abiding love for our Air Conditioners that simply cannot be understood until you have spent 30 consecutive days above 100 degrees.

But seriously guys, there’s a limit.

I have come up with a brilliant new plan that I plan to submit to the company.

It’s called: Let’s Turn on the Heater When We Get Within Eleven Degrees of Freezing.

Subtitled: Or at Least, For the Love of All That is Good in the World, Stop Making it Colder.

I believe this is what they call ingenuity.

You’re welcome.



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