November is for Thanks

I keep trying to find a consistent day for thankfulness, but consistency is not my word for 2012. Maybe life will settle down in January and we can find an every week day for giving thanks. Maybe Sundays, that feels right. But this week, it’s Monday.

And maybe that would be better, because Mondays are hard, and thankfulness is a great cure for Mondays.

  • The words “you can head out a little early” last Friday. Oh, kind bosses and sweet freedom on a day that would not end
  • HEB retreat and what a blessing I know it was for so many people I love, even if I couldn’t be there
  • Sweet friends who let you know that, even in such a beautiful weekend, you were missed
  • David’s wonderful parents who came to visit this weekend and helped us accomplish ALL THE THINGS! Yes, people, we now have rings and tuxes. We will now officially all be clothed at the wedding.
  • John Green and the absolutely fabulous videos his team is making about world history. I can’t encourage you strongly enough to go watch them. They’re on YouTube. They’re free. They’re freaking brilliant and funny and beautifully graphic-ed.

This is their penultimate (favorite word) video. He discusses globalization through the     lens of t-shirt production. Watch it. Just do it. Right now. And then go watch all their previous videos.

  • Creative, funny people who create brilliant internet things for the Monday morning amusement of office workers everywhere. Case in point: When animals trick or treat. Click this link. It will make you smile so much.
  • November. And the promise of colder weather, more family,  warm comfort food baking, and twinkle lights.
  • Christmas music in Target. I went in to pick up some freezer bags, and I couldn’t resist wandering back to the ostentatiously early Christmas section. I just wandered through the aisles, smiling back at the fat little snowmen, and letting that oh-so-familiar music take me back to tree decorating and cookie baking and all my favorite things. It’s good people.

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