Well, this is embarrassing…

I realized this weekend that 47-92% of the things I do are completely absurd and kind of humiliating if I think about them too much. Here’s a few examples for your enjoyment. But first: Happy Halloween!!

Isn’t he an adorable little monster? Please don’t mention the weird smugy thing above his eye. He’s very sensitive about it.

1. I spent Saturday helping the chemistry grad students host a chemistry fair for students in the area (along with many of their parents and teachers). I had such a great time! And no, that’s not the embarrassing part because science and middle schoolers are both cool.

* Side note: A surprising number of teenage boys in College Station will let you paint their nails if you tell them that the nail polish changes color in the sun.

The embarrassing part is that the first thing I noticed when I walked in the lab was a sign that said “keytones”. And an angry red line is confirming what I already know: that word is misspelled. It bothered me. It’s still bothering me. I really want to print a new sign for them. But apparently people think that’s rude, so I will abstain.

But in 2001, I was the third best speller in Abbett Elementary’s fifth grade class, so I’m totally qualified to address these sorts of situations.

2. Frequently Periodically, I will finish exploring all avenues of social media on my computer and close it, only to pull out my phone and open the facebook app. To find that, surprisingly, nothing has changed in the last 1.35 seconds. So I open tumblr, then twitter, then instagram, then pinterest, then….. I have a problem.

3. As a direct result of this problem, I’m sure, my To-Do list is about 7 1/2 pages long. It includes such magnificent gems as “make a comprehensive wedding to-do list for all the things you haven’t thought of yet” and the incredibly detailed “figure out 401(k)”.

Okay, maybe I have two problems.

4. Despite the incredible amount of time I spend on facebook, I am unreasonably bad at replying to facebook messages. (“Deal with facebook” also appears frequently on my to-do lists.) With email, I will “mark unread” and then that awful, glaring red number will stare me in the face every time I open my phone until, eventually, I cave and compose a response. But with facebook….

5. Last week, I slept on a bare mattress for two nights like a freaking 18 year old boy, because I was too lazy busy to make the bed. The first night they were three floors down in the dryer. But the second, they were in my room. And I just thought…nope. I am too tired. That is too much.

To be fair, I have the world’s softest mattress cover, but still….

6. When I cook it sometimes looks about like this.

The carnage.

And this picture doesn’t capture the blanket of sprinkles or the dirty bowls or the spoons covered in melted almond bark…

7. Occasionally I get frustrated with people for things that are a little bit their fault and mostly the fault of the stupid freaking jskdhbvajkbv cake balls that will not freeze the way they’re supposed to and keep falling off sticks and….breathe. not important. it’s over.

So then I make sad-faced I’m sorry cake pops.

He’s very, very sorry.

In my only experience this will work 100% of the time for minor infractions.



So that’s pretty much how my week has been? How’s yours?


2 thoughts on “Well, this is embarrassing…

  1. Your cake pops turned out lovely! I gave the ghosty-style a try a bit ago… I can never seem to get the candy-melts to melt properly! Tips?!

    Your blog is a great read and definitely makes me giggle. :) Bookmarked, indeed!

    • Thank you!! I’ve had the best luck with chocolate and vanilla almond bark. (Though I’ve used candy melts, too). I melt it in the microwave just a little at a time, stirring occasionally. And then I let it cool just a little before dipping. (And microwave it for another 15 seconds or so if it starts to harden). If it starts clumping at all, I usually throw that batch out and start over because continuing to heat after that seems to just make it worse.

      I hope that helps!!!

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