I think I’ve caught “the Mondays”

Good morning!

I spent the weekend at my grandparents house in Dallas, which was absolutely lovely. But after unloading bags and gathering each other into hugs, I was informed that all of their verizon services were down. Yep, no internet. It’s as bad as it sounds.

When I got back home last night I just wanted to unload my bags and give the internet a hug. But I settled for hugging my macbook.

This weekend was stuffed full of family and stuffihavegottodo, but I still haven’t been able to see all of the 58 people I keep promising to see when I go back to Dallas. I need to throw a big party to see all the friends that I keep missing. Maybe I’ll do that in December…

To catch up on my weekend:

-my mother, my father, my grandmother, and I stuffed all of our wedding invitations and sent them off with my mother so that she can use her marvelous calligraphy skills to address them.

-my sister bought a bridesmaid’s dress. yay!

-I made it out of Nordstrom without a single unnecessary purchase, and I think that shows real growth on my part.

-I went to a charity auction and bought teeth whitening. Apparently that is a thing that one can buy at a silent auction. I almost bought a trip for two to London (for the low, low price of $7,000). But then I remembered that I’m getting married and that’s probably a joint decision*. So I decided to get my teeth whitened instead…for the children.

*plus, I don’t think charities take credit cards.

-I got half way through yet another book. And I decided that if I’m going to finish ten more books before December 31st, I’m going to have to start reading smaller books.

-I also recruited one of my lovely bridesmaids to figure out what I’m going to wear in my engagement (are they still engagement if you take them one month before your wedding?) pictures. Does that seem like a job I should be able to do myself? Too bad, it’s not.

*plus she’s super qualified. She runs a fabulous blog covering all things clothing and fashion at aliology. So she knows what she’s talking about.

I bought cake! I had a lovely meeting with a lovely cake decorator. And the whole thing took 20 minutes and was 157 times less stressful than theknot made me think it would be. This was my favorite part of the weekend. Because I got a red velvet cupcake. And the road to my heart is paved in red velvet.

All of that can be summed up by the fabulous Tina Fey.

Next weekend we have our first shower! I’m quite excited about it. And maybe I’ll even take some pictures for you all.

Happy Monday!


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