It’s Friday! Friiiday, gotta get down on…

Sorry, y’all. It’s in my head. And apparently it’s just not ever going away.

I’m busy, busy, busy doing work things today. Three cheers for the excitement of Financial Policies and Procedures!!

So here are some things making me happy this week:

1. This chicken. Oh. My. Gosh. Guys, I made a chicken! Like from scratch. Well, technically, I bought it all plucked and cleaned and all the gross inside stuff was taken out, but other than that, totally from scratch!

I found this recipe on Monday and I was determined: we are having chicken this week. And I know this sounds kind of weird, but I discovered that I love handling a whole, raw chicken. Like having to acknowledge that this thing I’m going to eat lived. Something had to die so that I could have dinner. I mean, I don’t think that’s wrong obviously, (because nothing that delicious can be wrong). But it’s not nothing either. Basically what I’m saying is I like to get all philosophical when I cook.

Anyway, here’s a before and after picture as proof:

Super props to my Aunt Holly who, in a very serendipitous story, bought me this clay pot. And I love, love, love it.

2. I can’t seem to find ACU’s Summit 2012 anywhere on iTunes so I’m listening to previous years. I found Rachel Held Evans‘ talk from 2010 (which I missed somehow when I was there) and I’ve been listening to it at work. I practically started sobbing at my desk. I never experienced that thing where I wanted to be friends with celebrities until I started paying attention to authors I loved. Now I have these wild fantasies of meeting her and somehow becoming best friends and drinking coffee together. I realize it’s probably never gonna happen, but it has to be more likely than all the girls who think they’re going to marry Robert Pattinson, right? right?

3. David and I were assigned this book to read for counseling, so I bought it yesterday. We’re supposed to annotate it, and then pass it back and forth so we can read each other’s notes. (Which incidentally, I would do with all my books if David promised to read them with me).

On the opening page I wrote:

“Most of my comments are snarky. Just thought I’d warn you.”

I gave it to him when he got home, and he said:

“I wonder if this counselor is prepared for the full weight of our combined cynicism.”

Then he drew faces in all the hearts that precede the chapter titles.

4. These beautiful, beautiful earrings. I know I won’t spend over $300 on a pair of earrings…but I kind of want to.

If you want to buy them, go here.

5. I’ve been reading this blog the last few weeks, and it is just so beautiful. If you grew up in the church or found your way into the church, you need to check it out. Right now. Go.

Here’s a couple of my favorite articles I’ve read:

“We knew exactly what our future husbands should be like…My future husband will love God. Buy me flowers on Valentines Day. Pray with me every night. Open the car door for me when we go anywhere…He would be a kind of Christian Prince Charming, Zack Morris’ hair and Billy Graham’s faith…And it is sort of darkly ironic, this list of expectations in a faith that’s supposed to be about grace. About our inability to be perfect. We fail, we fail, we fail, and Christ comes down anyway, lets his feet grow dusty on our weary roads, chooses us, settles for us who cannot live up to the List, settles deep into the pain and love of it all.

Here is the truth. Here is the paradox: Where Christians gather there is love, wild and full of grace. And. Where Christians gather, there is pettiness. Gossip. Pain. Hate.

6. This awesome onesie that my child will definitely, definitely wear someday.

7. I’m going home this weekend. Wedding invitations and La Madeleine here I come!

8. My boss told me I was “doing a good job”. And you know what, positive affirmation will get you far with me. As would a hug, but I don’t think bosses do that.

Just ask Gary Chapman. Cause he wrote a book about it. And then he referenced it in his other book 17 1/2 times, just in case you forgot…About his book…The one about love languages…The one he wrote.


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