I think I’m jealous of a bird

I arrived outside the office just moments after a small brown bird descended onto the concrete outside the sliding glass doors.

She seemed like maybe she wanted to go inside.

So I stepped in, just a toe at a time, until the mirrored doors whirred open in a rush of cold air. And then I waited, hoping she would take off into the dark, silent hallway.

Because that seemed like a fun distraction from work.

But she just stood there. So I stepped through the doors and turned back to her, Come here, bird. Come inside bird.

She stared, unmoving.

Maybe she just wondered what all the fuss was about, the constant coming and going. Obviously, it’s not for her. She prefers sunlight and wide, blue skies.

Smart bird.

The view from the conference room.

Guys, I think I’m jealous of a bird.


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