Thankful Thursday

On Friday!

I think I might make Thankful Thursdays a thing. Because I like gratitude, and alliteration.

But I think I’ll start it today. Because this is my blog, and there’s no rule that says Thankful Thursday has to start on Thursday.

So here are things I’m thankful for today:

-It was cold enough this morning to wear a scarf. I’ve been waiting for this since March.

-My parents are driving down this weekend and bringing the bookshelf that I ordered in June. So now I can finally unpack all those boxes full of beautiful things that have been cluttering David’s floor since I moved down here.

-This picture that describes my life.

-Pumpkin bread. It doesn’t matter how many food/beverage/dessert concoctions pinterest tells me can be made with pumpkin; pumpkin bread will always be my favorite. Except for maybe pumpkin cake balls.

-The absolutely lovely comments I’ve received from friends and family about this blog. Seriously, you guys are so kind.

-My wonderful heatherelaine who went out and found cake and flowers and tables and all manner of things for me this week when I called her to tell her I was stressin’ about wedding-y things.

-This picture that made me laugh out loud.

-A beautiful piece about church from Micha Boyett over at A Deeper Story:

I want to write this for you. You, the one who sits with your face in your hands and begs yourself out the door into the church on Sundays. You, who questions hierarchy and recognizes the broken tendencies of leaders. You who wonders how the church can ever be its true self, how Jesus’ dream for God’s people could end up so flimsy. I want to write a story for you about what is possible.

-A brave guest post from a week or so ago on Rachel Held Evans’ blog:

I don’t know why the church pedals reparative therapy as an answer to their theological dilemma, despite it resulting in countless suicides. I don’t know why they think it’s fit to equate gays to rapists and murderers. I don’t know why they say dads make kids gay…I don’t know why they flog my father.

-The fact that we are officially 92 days away from our wedding!!

-Which also means we are 95 days away from Christmas.

Life is good.

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