A lovely, lazy weekend

Well we survived our first home game weekend. When it took me half an hour to get back from lunch on Friday, I wasn’t sure I’d make it. But I found a solution:

Don’t leave the house all weekend.

Which is pretty much what we did. Though we did take advantage of the fact that every single person in the city of College Station was screaming and cheering and mourning in Kyle Field; we went to the grocery store. Where it was basically empty. On a Saturday.

That’s my new favorite thing about football.

Aside from that, I got approximately zero things accomplished this weekend.

Which is bad. Because my to-do list is, I’m not joking, three full single-spaced pages long. Plus my bedroom is currently mess level: hoarders. It’s embarrassing, y’all.

And here is what I did this weekend:

-baked carrots and zucchini for myself for dinner
-slept in
-read Behind the Beautiful Forevers
-watched friends with David
-downloaded and played The Daily Show iPad game
-took a nap
-finished season 6 of Doctor Who
-decidedly didn’t care about football
-baked chicken from pinterest that was not very good
-baked a vanilla pumpkin cinnamon thing that was pretty good
-took pictures of my dessert and posted them on instagram
-watched friends with my roommates
-went to church
-went to lunch
-watched more friends with David
-made a panini with the left-over not very good chicken that was actually kind of delicious
-watched 30Rock while I did the dishes

So according to this weekend, my life mostly revolves around food, the Internet, and television. That seems healthy.

On the bright side, this is what my pumpkin cinnamon frosted heaven looked like.

It tastes like a crisp autumn day that’s been swirled with a pumpkin spice latte and baked into a cake. I was hoping that I could trick the weather into thinking fall had arrived, and I’m pretty sure it worked; there was a definite chill in the air this evening. You’re welcome.

I think that tomorrow I’ll wear a scarf and Tuesday I’ll bake pumpkin bread. By Friday we should be enjoying 60 degree temps and the delicious crunch of fallen leaves.

And I promise I will get at least one thing crossed off that list before I go to bed. Progress is progress, right?


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