In other news….

That high pitched screech you’re hearing is the sound of my anxiety.


There are days when I just don’t feel on top of my game. There’s no Charlie Sheen tiger blood, no winning. Just me, and my coffee.

This morning I was supposed to pick up these parking permits on my way to the office, the ones I was supposed to pick up on Friday afternoon.

Full confession: I made it all the way to work (early!) before I remembered that I was supposed to pick them up.

And we had to have them today, so I turned around…and got lost. Not “I don’t know where I am” lost, but “I need to be there, and I’m here and none of the roads take me over there” lost. Plus so much traffic. I swear driving through A&M’s campus in the morning is the 7th layer of purgatory.

I called my boss and explained (minus the part about forgetting them entirely). She was completely understanding about it, but I felt like a bit of an idiot.

Then I got into the office and everything was crazy and busy and frantic. And I had a meeting with my boss at eleven that I needed to prepare for, but there was so much to get done. And I could never be helping enough.

I was answering to two different people all morning, and I got the impression neither thought I was being appropriately attentive to their assignments.

So 12:00 rolls around, and I’m starving because I skipped breakfast. So I thought, “It’s lunch time. I’ll go home and grab a sandwich. I’ll be back before our guests get here at one.”

Totally reasonable!

Except they were early, and I wasn’t there.

Plus, the dress code was apparently amended to business professional while I was gone, as everyone had pulled a suit coat out of their super secret dress-up closet. And while I hardly looked like a hobo, I was noticeably under-dressed.

So as soon as I had a minute (that honestly, I didn’t really have), I ran to the bathroom to take off my adorable elbow patch sweater and tuck in my button down (button downs are fancy if you tuck them in, right?) Whereupon, I nearly threw out my back trying to remove my sweater because apparently, I am an old freaking woman.

It got a little less chaotic after that, but I did have to pick up someone’s half eaten cucumber off the floor. Which I realize is not the worst thing humanity had to do at work today. But still, gross.


Then later while a was straightening the conference room, a couple of the guys walked in and said, “See, I told you Becca’d already be taking care of it. She’s on top of things.” So I guess the day’s not a total loss.


Still, some days I need to walk through the trees with Ms. Stacy, and let her remind me that “tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it”. In fact, maybe I’ll rent that movie and watch it this weekend.

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