And then we started the weekend with a car accident

Yep. Friday afternoon, I was running an errand for work before heading home, when the fantastic new Avett Brothers single was interrupted by a call from one David Kenneth.

*totally unrelated side note:

The picture that pops up on my phone when David calls me is one I took this one day sophomore year when it snowed, and I was taking pictures of everything because everything looks beautiful with snow on it.

So he’s standing in fornt of Chili’s surrounded by snowflakes giving my this lopsided kind of annoyed look because he’s not the super-biggest fan of having his picture taken. I love this picture for two reasons:

a) I love his kind of annoyed looks

b) bright overcast skies make for great pictures

And it makes me smile.

But then I answered the phone.

And I heard his very rare completely shaken but totally calm voice tell me that he got in an accident and he’s kinda cut up but okay and this is his lot number and could I meet him over here.

To which I’m like: OfcourseOfcourseBerightthere. OHMYGOSH!

WIth the unending traffic piling up around every intersection and my complete and utter lack of knowledge about how A&M’s lots are numbered, it took me awhile to get there. I pulled up to see him standing beside an SUV with a missing headlight with a perfectly pleasant undergrad and a very friendly police officer. Other than some minor scratches, he looked blessedly normal.

His car on the other hand…..I looked across the parking lot and gasped a little. The girl slammed straight into the driver’s side door. The window and rear view mirror were both non-existent. There was a gash that looked like a knife wound stretching from one end of the door to the other in addition to the giant concave dent of crushed metal. Let’s just say I’m glad I didn’t see the car first.

Inside, however, every piece could have come straight off the factory line, aside from the broken glass and small amounts of blood. It was kind of amazing. Honda makes a good door.

The officer commented that this wasn’t the first time there had been an accident there while someone made a left turn (there’s tons of construction, traffic, and a giant brick wall blocking the street view) and it probably wouldn’t be his last.

But then, as we stood around exchanging insurance forms, me leaning against the unblemished bumper of David’s car, we watched a re-enactment of the exact same accident occur in front of us.

I started laughing. It was so absurd.

The officer ran out into the street, stopped traffic, and dragged the girl’s front bumper into the parking lot. Then had to explain to them that he had to finish up with the first accident before he could help them.

You can’t make this stuff up, guys.

Needless to say, we didn’t do much this weekend. We stayed in Friday, eating left-over Chinese food. And today, I made snickerdoodles, which are far and away the best named cookie. I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to make them. Delicious.

So we survived our first accident and the worst of it will be an inconvenience and increased insurance premiums. I can live with that.

Happy Holidays!!


One thought on “And then we started the weekend with a car accident

  1. I’m so glad everything turned out alright for you and David. I can’t imagine how unreal it must have been seeing the door of his car like that. Enjoy your snickerdoodles together and be happy, sweetie. :)

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