Free lunch & great books

Yesterday, I started feeling that itch: a longing to get swept up in a story, the desire for a fast and furious love affair with a really great novel.

I’m trying to read 30 books this year. It’s not a ton, but I liked the idea of having a goal, and it’s totally manageable with moving, wedding planning, and starting a new job. But it’s been about a month since I finished my last book (Fahrenheit 451), so last night, I downloaded a book I’d heard great things about: Gone Girl. Big mistake.

I stayed up two hours past my bed time reading it. It’s the kind of book I would have carried to school and read blatantly in the middle of class. Because it’s that good.

I’m new at this employment thing, but I figured I probably couldn’t get away with sitting at my desk and refusing to work while I lost myself in the glowing pages. (Not that the thought didn’t cross my mind.) So, this morning I decided to forgo my usual lunch trip, and eat a granola bar at my desk in  order to take full advantage of what is now reading hour.

My favorite diet: a book so engrossing that eating no longer seems worth the time.

But then the news circulated around the office that one of our vendors bought lunch for the office. There is definitely such a thing as a free lunch. It comes in the form of corporate schmoozing, and it’s a great thing.

And on top of that, one of the lab guys brought these cookies. Oh. My. Gosh. They tasted like thin mints, except thicker and chewier and chocolaty-er*. They tasted like heaven. If I see him up here, I’m going to tie him up and demand the recipe. Because asking nicely is for people who are way less serious about their cookies.

Obviously, my granola bar was destined to lay forgotten, but I had been looking forward to reading my book all morning. So while everyone else gathered in the conference room, I channeled my middle school self, and took my plate back to my desk where I could read in peace. I do not regret it.

On an unrelated note, I just dropped my headset and apologized to my phone in front of one of the IT guys. (What? You don’t ask the forgiveness of inanimate objects? Just me?) He was nice enough to pretend not to hear me.

*According to spell-check, that is a real word. And that is how it is spelled. Sans the “e” that I think belongs there.


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