Cooking Cooking Cooking

Okay, I promise I won’t post endless pictures of all the things I cook.

I mean, if you wanted faux-artistic pictures of food, you’d be browsing instagram.

But this recipe is DE-licious. I got it from picky palate, a fabulous blog with all sorts of fabulous recipes. And my mother taught me to share, so here is Southwest Chicken Chili.

Lovely Saute.

And my wonderful fiance minced the garlic because:

a) I super hate mincing garlic and

b) He’s the best.

Is there a better smell in the kitchen than cilantro? I submit that there is not.

You give me a recipe with cilantro, and I will make it, even if it necessitates minced garlic.

I didn’t have enough room in my skillet for the pasta, so I just mixed it in after.

And the left-overs were just as good the next day.

And today it’s decorating, and Save the Dates, and Dr. Who. Not too shabby for a Saturday.


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