A gift from the coffee elves

I have a sad confession to make:  I have not been able to make a good cup of coffee since I moved to College Station*. I blame the water. It’s funky, guys,  and I’m not a girl who turns her nose up at tap water.

But last night, as I was unpacking, those impish purveyors of Starbucks smiled upon me; I found a free drink coupon.

I had planned to use it this morning, but the line was long. I had to choose between being ten minutes late or twenty minutes early, and I’m trying this new adult thing where I’m punctual. So I left without my coffee.

But at lunch today, I decided to brave the traffic and construction in the name caffeine addiction.

And wouldn’t you know it? Potbelly just happens to be next door to Starbucks.

So I treated myself to a turkey sandwich, a mini oatmeal-chocolate-chip cookie, a soy cinnamon dolce latte, and an hour of All Things Considered.

Being an adult is swell.

*Side note: if any one out there in internet world comes across this and has a coffee maker that they are absolutely in love with (in the completely normal way one can be in love with an appliance), I’m in the market. Particularly if it has a water filter and an auto start button, and maybe measures the coffee itself, and wakes you up in the morning by setting a pre-made cup on your nightstand. That’d be great.


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